Who am I?

A Java Developer

I’m a developer, who’s interested in software architecture and pretty design. I believe in keeping things simple and easy to understand. I believe in single click deployments and tooling, which does things automagically, so that we developers can focus on creating good code.

Over the years I’ve coded in C++, learning how to manage data structures and keeping track of object ownership so that memory is managed correctly. Bash / Perl scripting taught me to create tools, which do the majority of things on its own in a clear way. I tend to color the console output to make it more readable. Java taught me the expressiveness, which is more important than being too smart - yes, I’m thinking of Boost’s templates in C++, which work, but it’s a technical nightmare to get to know why. Unless You love all compiler tricks, it’s quite discouraging. I prefer Java’s method chaining, which might not be the most optimal way, but clear and legible. Finally I like Python because it’s perfect for prototyping and making code that just works, without delving into too much detail. Used to do that in Perl, but it just fell into a programming language limbo, so I just had to switch. Recently I started experimenting with Go, which is another realm, that tries to combine pointers and high-level functionalities, with built-in tuples and without exceptions. Trying to stay elastic.

My interests?

I have a Blog and Youtube channel called ‘4Smigla’, where I dig into details of FPV drones, review them and provide newbie information. I’m also a drone pilot and I do freestyle flying for fun, but also am able to create aerial videos from a stabilized camera. Even though it’s in polish, You are still invited to take a look.